JPW Headshot.jpg

Joel P West is a songwriter, composer and performer known for his scores for SHORT TERM 12, THE GLASS CASTLE, and CHEF’S TABLE and his bands The Tree Ring and Flood Coats. His music has been described as “showing great emotional nuance” and "warm, richly textured, and pastoral".

While in college for art and design, Joel discovered that music was the only medium that could truly capture the way he felt about the world. He began thinking about music visually and learning how to sculpt recordings to convey specific feelings, and working with strings and other orchestral instruments. When first approached to make original score music, it was a natural fit.

Joel believes that the most exciting music is familiar enough to understand but foreign enough to challenge the listener, and that authenticity fuels originality. His creative process involves heavy research to find conceptual anchors rather than leaning on genre traditions, which has resulted in a versatile musical voice that’s distinctly his own, but not limited to one style or instrumentation.

Joel most recently crafted the score for JUST MERCY which features a hip-hop jazz combo and gospel choir alongside orchestral strings, and released two self-produced albums titled Smaller and False Klamath.