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Joel P West is a songwriter, film composer and front man of The Tree Ring and Flood Coats. Joel is known for his scores for SHORT TERM 12, GRANDMA, and I AM NOT A HIPSTER. His music has been described as “showing great emotional nuance” and "warm, richly textured, and pastoral". Joel’s work is heavily inspired by the wilderness and the wide open spaces of North America.

His career spans over 10 years, with his original style being lent to the upcoming highly anticipated Destin Daniel Cretton film THE GLASS CASTLE including an original song titled ‘Summer Storm’, written and performed by Joel himself. This score, with Americana roots, is an exercise in storytelling through music and further solidifies Joel’s innate talent for speaking through sounds. 

Growing up on a summer camp in Oregon, Joel began to use music to “figure out” the world - to see it through the lens of sound. He started playing guitar in high school and started learning and writing songs, and soon began to explore strings and other instruments as a conduit to express himself in a way that words could not. Pair this with the fact that he was not exposed to much media as a youth and it gives way to a fascinating music writing process - one that is rooted in trying to capture a specific emotion or feeling rather than technicality.

When he is not composing for film, Joel is heavily involved in music in every capacity - his band Flood Coats released their album Vaquita in July 2017.