They burn that hillside black
They lay the maple down on its back
For just one stardust stone
Sleepin’ innocent below

But they’ll run when the warm rain comes
Roarin' with the thunder
I’ll rise up from the murky mud
When the summer storm begins the flood

I’ll hide way up high
Until the water runs down the pike
To wash aside the all the parasites
And take the valley back alive

The Tug flows and the rubbish floats
to hang up on the high oak
The power goes to the undergrowth
When the summer storm begins to blow

Free me, let me go
They don’t recognize a precious stone
I’ll lay low ‘til the wet wind blows
To take me tumblin’ down the road

The wood vines make it hard to fly
The anchor holds my rope down
There’s no use tryin’ to make it out alive
And like a summer storm I've gotta roam